Why Addicts Should Undergo Treatment

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The number of people getting addicted to drugs, alcohol, and behavior or activities is alarmingly increasing. It is a scourge to society, as it takes its random victim one after the other. Whether it is an uncontrollable desire to go binge-drinking, an obsession to shop for luxury items, a gambling problem, or a drug habit, the continuous search for that escape, that next “high” is enough to drive many lives into despair and ruin.


Enslaved by their addictions, people tend to do what they can to break free from the cycle, at one point or another. Time and again, these people and even their families and friends, may find it very difficult to make the addict break away from the crippling grip and downward spiral of their addictions.

And this is where addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers come into the picture.

Therapeutic Community

Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center uses the Therapeutic Community program methodology for the treatment of addictions.

Freedom from Addiction
Freedom from Addiction (c)bestdrugrehabilitationinindiana.org

According to Solinge T. Boekhoutvan* “A therapeutic community is a drug-free environment in which people with addictive (and other) problems live together in an organized and structured way in order to promote change and make possible a drug-free life in the outside society.”

Bridges of Hope aims to form a small society, which it calls a family, of residents and staff facilitators. Here, they fulfill distinct, assigned roles as they function on a daily basis adhering to set rules and guidelines to promote self-help and mutual help as key parts of the therapeutic program. Each of the residents are responsible for their own personal growth as they learn and relearn values in order for them to live a drug-free and responsible life once they leave the family and integrate themselves into the larger community.

Aside from this, the rehabilitation center also provides outpatient services, psychotherapy, psychological and psychiatric evaluations, healing dialogues, aftercare support, and 12-Step seminars.


If you are seeking help for yourself or someone you know, call our Rehab Specialists at 0917 509 8826 / 0915 645 2703

*Boekhout van Solinge, T. (1997), The Swedish Drug Control System. An in-depth review and analysis,
Amsterdam, Uitgeverij Jan Mets.

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