Take a Deep Breath: The Effects of Smoking Weed

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In many countries, people enjoy marijuana without legal repercussions, while some are still striving to have it legalized. There’s the medical promise on one spectrum and a whole plethora of adverse effects on the other.

Marijuana, also known as cannabis and weed, is truly a tricky drug.

Marijuana: The Gateway Drug

Despite what many researchers say that are then debunked by other researchers, smoking marijuana has many immediate and long-term effects that are less than desirable.

Where Does Weed Come From?

Marijuana or weed comes from the cannabis plant, where all is parts–flowers, seeds, leaves, and stems–are often shredded and dried before they are used. Marijuana is often smoked, although it is also added into food, brewed into tea, or used as a vaporizer.

The chemical responsible for the mind-altering effects of marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This chemical gets released into the bloodstream faster when it is smoked, providing many effects on the brain and other organs. Its effects is immediate, while there may also be long-term effects that depend on how much is taken, and for how long.

Effects of Smoking Marijuana

  1. Irritated lungs. Like tobacco, marijuana has tar and other carcinogens that can irritate the lungs and cause respiratory problems that can lead to complications in the long run.
  2. Phlegmy cough. Smoking week regularly can lead to phlegmy coughing.
  3. Bronchitis. Because your lungs and bronchial passages get irritated by smoking marijuana, you are also risk for developing bronchial infections.
  4. Increased heartbeat. An immediate effect of smoking marijuana can lead you to experience rapid heartbeat for up to three hours, which can be dangerous for people who have hear disease as this can lead to a heart attack.
  5. Experiencing “high”. The release of dopamine in your brain due to marijuana can heighten your senses and even impair your judgment, causing you to get into risky and dangerous situations.
  6. Red eyes. The THC in marijuana causes the blood vessels in your eyes expand, causing you to have blood-shot eyes.
  7. Losing sensory perception. The THC in your brain can cause you to lose your balance, coordination, and reflexes, making it dangerous to drive and operate machinery, among many other activities.
  8. Anxiety. Coming down from the high can make you feel depressed, anxious, irritable, lose appetite, and have difficulty sleeping.
  9. Faulty memory. For young people who do not have fully developed brains, smoking marijuana can affect brain development and have a lasting impact on thinking and memory skills.
  10. Addiction and withdrawal. Because of the release of dopamine, the feel-good chemical, in the brain, the rewards system gets hooked on the drug and you develop an addiction. In time, your body will develop dependence and tolerance and you will also have withdrawal symptoms if you don’t get your regular cannabis fix.
  11. Burning mouth and throat. The chemicals in marijuana also causes you to feel a burning sensation in your mouth and throat.
  12. Increased appetite. Being in your “high” will make you feel an increase in your appetite.
  13. Weakened immune system. Smoking marijuana harms the normal functions of the immune system, making you more vulnerable to diseases.

Although there are people who smoke marijuana and don’t develop an addiction, the risk of dependence and addiction is real for some people who are vulnerable to stress, depression, mental illness, or genetic predisposition.

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