10 Things That Tell You “Yes, This is Rock Bottom”

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The thing about addiction is, it never ends well. Because eventually, whatever it is that was getting us high, stops feeling good, and starts to hurt. Still, they say you don’t kick the habit until you hit rock bottom. But how do you know when you are there? – Dr. Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

Many recovering addicts, based on their own experiences, would tell you that you’ll only know you have hit rock bottom when you get there. And different people will have their own version of rock bottom as they continue on towards that downward spiral addiction brings them. This is because substance abuse, whether drugs, alcohol, or any other, not only damages the users physical and mental health–it also brings devastating effects towards their relationships, possessions, careers, and self-respect.


Rock bottom is that lowest level in your life. In addiction, this is the point where an addict finally admits the problem and is willing to seek help. Some people hit their rock bottom very fast, while some will experience a slow decline over several years. Some people lose a their jobs or family before they realize they have a problem. Some, however, have deeper rock bottoms, and they have so much more to lose.

To give you a picture, consider this scenario:

  1. You lost your job
  2. You have no money
  3. No one will lend you money because you owe them all a lot
  4. You have no place to live
  5. You have no possession, only the clothing on your back
  6. Your own family won’t even talk to you
  7. You have no friends
  8. You have not showered in days
  9. You have not eaten in days
  10. You are sick

Although this is very grim and over-the-top, many people go through this as their rock bottom. It is real. However, other rock bottoms may come creeping so slowly and subtly that it could come unnoticed:

  1. You’ve been selling your belongings to cover your drug use and increasing debts
  2. You’ve been stealing your family’s stuff and cash
  3. The only people who will still lend you money is your family
  4. You are flunking out of school or getting close to losing your job
  5. You are losing your friends
  6. Concerned family and friends are worried about you
  7. You have not bought anything for yourself in the past couple of years
  8. You are starting not to care about how you look
  9. You are having family or relationship problems due to the effects of your drug use
  10. You are getting sick due to the effects of the substances (drugs or alcohol or, in some cases, both) on your body

Warning: The Bottom Line About Bottoming Out

Although many people have decided to seek help after hitting their bottoms, you do not necessarily have to wait for you to reach your own bottom before getting treatment. This myth that people have to lose a lot–or everything–before they are willing to get help can be very dangerous.

You don’t need to lose everything, especially those that matter most to you. It may be harder to do than to say, but you can decide when enough is enough. Like an elevator going down to the ground, which is always the case with addiction, you can get off at any floor. You don’t need to take the journey all the way down until you go six feet under.

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2 thoughts on “10 Things That Tell You “Yes, This is Rock Bottom”

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