Can Shabu Rob You of the Ability to be Happy?

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When you first use methamphetamine, or shabu, you will feel an almost spiritual experience from a chemical god. You will feel better, happier, braver, stronger, smarter, more confident, and even sexier than ever. The problems and insecurities are gone and you are washed with an overall good feeling about yourself. It starts to feel good and stays good–until it starts to hurt.


When the crash comes, it is brutal and you will feel so week, as if you are suddenly on a slump. There will be that state of deep depression and hopelessness. On a biological perspective, your brain on meth is merely borrowing the feel-good feelings from a hungry, sadistic loan shark who will demand resources faster than you can naturally replace them. The interest is high–both on your brain and body, and your whole life.

Psychologists call this state of feeling like you are in a bottomless depression that you fear will last forever–a clinical term, anhedonia. With anhedonia, you can be incapable of experiencing pleasure or delight. When you crash from your meth high, or even when you are in recovery from meth, you will often feel like nothing can make you happy, not even money, food, sex, children, or family.

According to psychologists, meth gives the brain a rush of dopamine and norepinephrine, so when the meth stops, the anhedonia begins. Those who have been using and abusing meth would typically take up to two years to make their brains function normally and restore it back to before they started using meth. However, many experts say that there are cases when the damage to the brain is permanent because of the toxic chemicals that compose meth, such as ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, as well as the same chemicals that can be found in:

  • over-the-counter-decongestants
  • lithium batteries
  • rock salt
  • lye
  • iodine
  • paint thinner
  • drain cleaner or declogger
  • gasoline additives
  • aluminum foil
  • matches

This said, meth’s corrosive damage to the brain and body is profound. Dr. Edward Ratush, a New York-based psychiatrist, says that using meth, especially smoking it, for a long period of time can create holes in the brain the size of golf balls.

Ratush and many experts and clinical psychologists agree that smoking shabu can cause injury to the brain similar to someone who fell off the stairs or had a car accidents. They all suffer traumatic brain injury and like them, meth addicts’ ability to experience happiness is impaired.

One solution is to counter this toxin/brain damage-induced depression by prescription drugs, which have their own negative repercussions. A safer, more long term alternative is therapy. Meth addicts who are in recovery need to decide for themselves what they want for their lives and, no matter how unmotivated they are, to do it anyway. This is similar to exercising to get the high, only on a more holistic level.

Another solution is to keeping and exercising an attitude of gratitude. When you are on meth, you are unemphatic and desensitized. The things you have doesn’t seem to matter and doesn’t seem to be enough to make you happy. Being grateful makes you look at the world with different eyes and to see beauty even in the ordinary.

If you are suffering from meth addiction, or know someone who is, seek help before it is too late. There is still hope. We will help you. Call or text us:

+63 915 645 2703 / +63 917 509 8826

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