10 Things To Get You High (Instead of Drugs)

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Getting high is actually a state of mind. However, it is easier said than done. Nevertheless, there are dozens of replacements to drug-induced highs, and these have no negative side effects, so they are worth giving a try especially if you are in recovery.


When you are in recovery, you will find that all the time you once used to use and chase after drugs are now empty. You have nothing else to do. This free time is dangerous for someone in recovery because this is when you’ll start to have thoughts and cravings. Often, this free time can lead to relapse.

The solution: Fill your drug-time with healthier, positive, and more productive alternatives. And if you miss your high, you will soon find that there are other things you can do to have that state of mind.

1. Exercise. People who exercise feel a high that is caused by the release of happiness-inducing chemicals in the brain. Exercises such as running, bicycling, or even yoga can help clear your mind and keep you healthy. Afterwards, you will feel even more empowered and energized.

2. Read. Catch up on your reading. Find a genre you like or read up on your old favorites, whether these are classics, short stories, espionage, romance, biographies, or even self-help books. Reading is a great use of your time and can keep your mind of other things, such as problems or your cravings. It is fun, exciting, and worthwhile to immerse yourself in the world of books so better head into your nearest bookstore.

3. Write. Keep a journal of the things you are feeling. This is a great past time, and it helps you reassess yourself, your feelings, and your situation. Writing can ease the tension you are feeling, and make you think more deeply about what you are going through or feeling. It helps you stay away from being impulsive, or from dwelling on unhealthy, destructive thoughts. Also, you can try your hand in writing poetry or fiction. You can even try blogging and help inspire other people about your journey of sobriety.

4. Paint or draw. If you are a visual person, you can channel your feelings–your frustrations, happiness, confusions–to a canvass. It is a beautiful outlet for releasing the burdens that you feel you have to deal with. Being artistically productive also helps you gain more perspective about your life.

5. Find other hobbies. Whether you like photography, cooking, beading, gardening, woodworking, and many other things, the important thing is to keep yourself occupied. Find something you love doing and use this as a replacement for the times you used to do drugs.

6. Spend time with loved ones. Go out or stay in. Make sure you are with the people you love, the people who are there to support you on your journey. Spend time with the people who are there to lift you up instead of the people who will only bring you down or even influence you to go back to your old ways.

7. Have pets. Having pets allows you to have something else to think about, especially if you don’t have family. Whether a bird, turtle, dog, cat, or fish, you will find yourself having a great, warm feeling knowing that someone is there who counts on you and is waiting for you. You will feel like you matter and it really is a great feeling in the world.

8. Talk about your journey. After all, you cannot keep it unless you give it away. Share your story, share what you know and what you have learned. Sharing your experiences is important so that other people can relate and think, “I’m not the only one after all.” This helps get a conversation going and you may even learn from others when you share.

9. Find a real relationship. During your life with drugs, your social circle may only be filled with the same people as you–those who use drugs. And this relationship is often a selfish one because it centers on drugs. Find a real relationship, whether with your friends, family, or a special someone and make it grow. Appreciate the people in your life and let them know that every chance you can. Having a real relationship can help make you happy, content, and confident.

10. Meditate. Taking a few minutes everyday to meditate can help clear your mind of many burdens. You can meditate as you do yoga, or you can meditate just by sitting in a quiet room. You can also have meditative music play to help you. Aside from meditation, prayer can also help as another form of meditation. The important thing is that you take a time (or many times) each day to slow down, clear your head, and sort of reset your mind and put it in a more positive place.

The therapeutic community of Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation can help equip you with life and recovery tools which you can use to stay on the path of sobriety while living a happier, more meaningful life. Talk to us about your own rehabilitation options:

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