Frequently Asked Questions About Addiction: Part 2

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In continuation of  Frequently Asked Questions About Addiction: Part 1, we are going to tackle some of the basics when it comes to addiction and how people can help themselves or their loved ones gain understanding and therefore get the help they need.

More questions will be answered below:

Yes To You

How quickly do I become addicted to certain drugs?

The progression of use to addiction depends on many factors, such as your body and your genes, your age, gender, family history, the environment, and how these factors combine and interact. There are other individuals who are more sensitive to other drugs and some progress to addiction faster than others.

There will be times that one person may use a certain drug frequently and suffer no problems or withdrawal symptoms, while another person may easily overdose with the same frequency. Some may overdose the first time, while others may become addicted after just a couple of uses.

Does the fetus get affected when a pregnant woman abuses drugs?

Many substances such as narcotics, alcohol, and even nicotine, can cause adverse effects to the development of the fetus inside a pregnant woman’s body. This is because these chemicals are transferred to the fetus through the placenta. For example, a pregnant woman who is addicted to heroin may cause the fetus to exhibit withdrawal symptoms and may require medical treatment. Other effects of using drugs during pregnancy may include poor nutrition, inadequate prenatal care, stress, psychiatric comorbidities, and infections that may cause problems for the fetus.

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