Addiction vs Conscience: Why You Should Pay Attention to that Inner Voice

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Over the course of our daily life, we are faced with many decisions where our feelings or impulses are in conflict with our conscience. Often, we struggle between what is right and what we want to do.


That voice in our head would tell us, “But it’s not right,” “You will hurt yourself,” “You will hurt other people,” “What about the consequences?” However, in addiction, this inner voice in our head is often ignored. Over the course of the first use until the addiction is developed (which happens at different progressions in different people), that inner voice slowly disappears, stomped over by the impulses that turn into uncontrollable compulsions.

But what causes us to stand back and begin listening to our conscience again? Sometimes, it is when we lose another friend or a family member over addiction, or when we experience a health or legal problem due to the addiction. Often, it is a very traumatic experience. Still, as many recovering addicts would say, the big change comes when we start listening to our conscience again.

Reconciling with Our Inner Voice

We know that addiction can destroy our lives. Our school, parents, the media, and the government tell us so. Deep inside, we know that it is destroying our lives, our minds, our bodies, and it affects the people around us. And yet, this knowledge is not enough because our insatiable need continue to push us to crave for another shot, another hit, another high.

In order to get into recovery and overcome addiction, we have to gain the necessary skills, confidence, fortitude, commitment, and support to listen to our conscience and trudge on despite the pull of our addiction.

When the voice inside your head wonders, “Do I have an addiction?” “I think I am becoming addicted,” “I am losing control,” and “Do I need to get help?” listen to it. More often than not, our conscience knows us–and what’s good for us–better than ourselves.

The Choice

Are you going to follow your cravings, your impulses, your desires, or your need to take that “last” high…or are you going to listen and follow that inner voice?

Your decision to change is yours to take. It is your own personal journey, and only you can do it. However, you cannot do it alone. We are here to help.

Text 0917-509-8826 or Call 622-0193

Maybe you can start to change your life today. Just take that step.


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