Kids, Here are 60 Ways to Say “No!” to Drugs

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You know drugs can lead to so many problems: bad performance in school or at work, health complications, family problems, legal problems, and not to mention addiction, which in itself opens a can of worms for the addicted person and his or her family. In other words, drugs is bad news.


However, getting hooked to drugs can start as simply as one innocent, curious try. Your friends may have been doing it and offered you some, or you are going through a rough patch and wanted to see what the drugs are all about. Before you know it, you’re hooked. Though there are many factors that can lead to addiction (and these factors differ from one person to the next), one thing our parents always tell us is never to try it.

But what if someone really does offer you drugs? How should you react? What can you say?

Below are 60 ways to say “No” to drugs by George Bonin of the Pawtucket Times, which were published in the paper in September 13, 2004:

1. No, I already eat too much junk food.

2. Top three answers on the board, survey says NO!

3. No thanks, I’m into reality.

4. Got a pen? Write this down … NO!

5. No, not now. Ask me again in a billion years.

6. Right now is no good. How’s never?

7. Two words. N-O.

8. No, the weather just isn’t right for it.

9. Haven’t you seen the fried egg in those ads?

10. Look at the time. Gotta go.

11. I’ll pass.

12. No way, I put it away.

13. Are you crazy?

14. Sorry, I’ve got stuff to do.

15. Not today, not tomorrow. How about never?

16. Nah, I have plans today.

17. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

18. No can do.

19. Nope, smell ya later.

20. No, but if you have any chocolate ..

21. I’ve got to get home and walk my dog.

22. No, I don’t know where that stuff’s been.

23. No, I might end up in one of those ads.

24. I don’t have time for drugs.

25. I don’t want your life.

26. Sorry, I’m on a drug-free diet.

27. Uhhhh … let me think … NO!

28. Not now. Maybe in the next millennium.

29. You must be mistaking me for an idiot.

30. I don’t think so.

31. Poof!

32. I’d rather eat my mother’s mystery casserole!

33. No, it’s not my style.

34. No and get a life while you’re at it.

35. I’m on the way to the mall.

36. Did you just ask me to do drugs? I didn’t think so.

37. No, I don’t talk to strangers, stranger.

38. No, I’m already weird enough.

39. I prefer my brown eyes to your red ones.

40. My parents did, and look at them now.

41. No, I’ll violate my parole.

42. What part of “NO” don’t you understand?

43. I’ll say it sloooow for you, “nnnoooo.”

44. How do they say “NO” on your planet?

45. No, I have a very busy schedule.

46. No, No, A thousand times, no.

47. No offense, but no.

48. Gee thanks, but I’m high on life.

49. No, somebody might see us.

50. No. Get it? Got it? Good.

51. No my imagination is good enough already.

52. No, if I want to look stupid, I’ll become a mime.

53. Let’s not go there.

54. No you might be an undercover cop.

55. No, I’ve got places to go, people to see.

56. No, in fact, NEVER.

57. Not tonight, I have a headache.

58. No, I like my brain the way it is.

59. No thanks, I might get kicked off the math team.

60. No, and that’s my final answer!

So next time you try to make an excuse to yourself that you can’t say “No,” try these 60 tips first.


These days, kids are more prone to trying drugs as dealers and pushers even hang out in schools and even make kids try their stuff for free. They wait until the teens get hooked and then charge them.

If you’re a concerned parent or family member of someone who you suspect is abusing drugs, talk to us on how we can help make an intervention before it’s too late.

Text 0917-509-8826 or Call 622-0193

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