Been Trying to Quit and Failing? Here’s Why

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Many people will often get to the point when they notice that they may be using too much, causing some problems, getting out of hand, or getting sick. They may start to think that they may really be having a substance abuse problem and even decide to do what it takes to quit.


However, all the efforts and time spent on cutting down and abstaining seem to be futile. Some people could find themselves going back to their substances within just a couple of days of quitting. This is called relapse. Often, there are also people who take repeated attempts to quit only to find themselves relapsing.

This cycle of failing to overcome addiction can be due to many things. It is important to know these reasons to get to the bottom of why relapse happens and they just can’t quit, no matter how willing they are:

  • Denial is the hallmark of alcohol and drug addiction, and often, the denial period is so long that it is easier to step back into denying the problem than acting on their willingness to quit.
  • Ambivalence also plays a role in failure to quit substance abuse. Although they see the benefits of staying clean, they still hold on to the pleasures they get from using or drinking.
  • Addiction is difficult to self-medicate, and people will find it hard to quit without seeking help from people and professionals.
  • Some people are afraid to go through withdrawal, while some use this excuse to continue their behavior.
  • Being around a social circle full of drug users and/or alcoholics, or being around this kind of lifestyle may further motivate them to continue with what they are used to instead of aspiring to change.
  • Finding excuses to delay seeking help, which turns into an endless cycle of procrastination.
  • Some people believe that they deserve the misery they experience using or drinking. Their low self-esteem fuels their substance abuse and they may not seek help or desire to quit.
  • Some may also have unrealistic expectations. They think that when they quit, their life will be better and easy, but are disappointed and therefore find no motivation to get on with recovery.

By understanding how behaviors and attitudes play out in your failure to break free from addiction, you will learn different things about yourself and what you can do. The above mentioned ways of thinking or adapting to situations may only lead to self-destruction, and people really do need to get all the help they can to get on the road to recovery.

If you’ve been wanting to quit but are having a hard time, let us help.

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