Is Your Loved One Addicted to Alcohol?

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We all know that one person who always has a little too much to drink. Or maybe that’s you, or someone dear to you. Are they in the brink of being addicted to alcohol? Here we discuss the signs and symptoms as well as the dangerous withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction.


Many people can tend to abuse alcohol when they drink to put themselves to sleep every night, or if they find any occasion to pop a bottle even on a work day and it later on turns into too many more drinks.

However, alcohol addiction is different from alcohol abuse. Alcohol addiction is the result of abusing alcohol which can then lead to tolerance and the development of physical dependence to the substance. Often, alcohol addiction is marked by different withdrawal symptoms that can make it harder for them to stop drinking or even function on a daily basis.

Before your spouse, partner or child becomes addicted to alcohol, you may see many signs and symptoms early on. However, some of the signs and symptoms can’t be identified until later on when the addiction has already taken a serious toll on the body.

Like in many forms of substance addiction, the primary sign of alcohol addiction is tolerance, which happens when one needs to drink more and more just to get drunk the way they did before. One good way to see if tolerance has already developed is when the individual drinks more than other people without even getting drunk.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

  • loss of control while drinking
  • loss of control in the amount of frequency of drinking
  • a desire to quit but an inability to do so
  • a desire to cut down drinking but continued efforts are unsuccessful
  • giving up activities such as spending time with friends, family members or playing sports in order to drink instead
  • alcohol causing problems such as financial problems, legal troubles or health problems

Watch out for withdrawal

If you wake up the next morning after a drinking spree and you have trembling hands and you feel the need to have a drink so that you can get rid your headache and nausea, then you are clearly experiencing the withdrawal symptoms.

Other withdrawal symptoms include:

  • anxiety
  • trembling hands or shakiness
  • sweating
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • irritability
  • loss of appetite
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • hallucinations
  • confusion
  • seizures
  • fever
  • increased heart rate
  • hypertension
  • increased blood pressure

Severe withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction, such as seizures, hallucinations and coma are rare but can be fatal leading to death.

Denial is one of the major obstacles that you must overcome, especially if you or your loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction. However, denial will only make the addiction worse and further drive the addict on a downward spiral.

Seek help today. We are here to talk about the treatment options that is right for you.

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