Nature is the Best Medicine

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Nature has an energy, a power, that can’t be explained or quantified. It touches us in different, very intimate, ways. Yet, when we go outside and dive into nature’s beauty, we all feel an exhilarating, uplifting energy that heals, nurtures, and rejuvenates us.

So if you are just straight out into recovery or are simply wanting to get away from the stresses of daily life, then go out into nature. You don’t have to travel long to be in touch with it. Just go outside, breathe deep, and allow yourself to be surrounded by trees, plants, and grass, whether in your garden or in the nearest park.

Nature can heal a broken heart, a down-trodden soul, a wrecked life.

1. Nature brings renewal. For the struggling addict or a recovering one, nature is a great place to find a fresh start. It is in nature where one can see the best example of renewed life: a new day in every sunrise, hope in a budding flower or seedling, life’s beauty in the songs of the birds. Even after devastating problems and the crippling consequences of addiction, life will always find a way to rebuild and be renewed.

2. Nature speaks to you. You can connect with nature in ways that you have forgotten because of your battle with addiction. It is a great place for you to listen to your inner voice, to be in touch with your self and your soul once more. Nature will tell you that there is a greater power than your own, but you have to make a decision to change.

3. Nature brings health. Physical and emotional well-being is one thing that many people who are always out in the outdoors will tell you. Whether it in the mountains, beaches, or even the dessert, nature brings you plenty of challenging and exciting abilities that will not only test your physical strength but also your mental and emotional fortitude.

4. Nature can help you recover. By looking out to nature, you are also able to look into yourself and your recovery, which is a long-term process and an arduous road. You need to always equip yourself with a positive attitude to hep you stay in the path of sobriety. Being with nature can help you release the stresses in your life, as well as to help you have a positive and grateful attitude.

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