Breaking the Illusion of Psychedelic Drugs

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Psychedelic drugs have long taken on an image of “coolness” in the sense that it is taken by artists and musicians to have altered states of mind and therefore increase their so-called creative juices. Even right now, the media portrays psychedelic drugs as something people take to escape reality and go to a place of enlightenment. However, not many people can see what happens when these psychedelic drugs are abused and how hard the comedown could be for users.

LSD, acid, mescaline, ecstasy and psilocybin (or magic mushrooms) are usually abused by many people for various reasons that typically boils down to getting high and having an altered state of mind. Unfortunately, while they are generally non-addictive, there are still many dangers that arise from the use and abuse of psychedelic drugs.

Dangers of Psychedelics

Many people who abuse psychedelic drugs have an increased risk of accidents, injuries, psychotic behaviors, misinterpreted thoughts, delusions, and many other dangers. Taking these drugs can also lead to a “bad trip” wherein the users become overwhelmed with thoughts, feelings, visions, and interpretation of their environment. This causes them to suffer extreme anxiety and inability to cope with their emotions. This bad trip can last for many hours, to the point that the users may behave dangerously or even commit suicide.

It is also common for people who use psychedelic drugs to end up in hospitals. There are even instances when the psychotic states they are in can go on for weeks to months after using the drugs.

Effects of Psychedelic Drug Abuse

People who use psychedelics may often have a hard time differentiating reality from the altered state of consciousness brought by the drug. Those who drive or operate machinery while under the influence of psychedelics may also find themselves in danger. Others may even harm themselves or other people.

Other effects of psychedelics include: confusion, paranoia, emotional breakdowns, panic attacks, severe anxiety, risk for tolerance, and risk for mental illness.

List of Psychedelic Drugs

  • LSD / Acid / Dots – a popular psychedelic throughout history
  • MDMA / Ecstasy / Molly – an ampethamine and hallucinogen popular among younger crowds
  • MDA / Sally – synthetic hallucinogen
  • Mescaline / Peyote – found in certain species of cacti
  • Psilocybin – a kind of mushroom also known as caps or magic mushrooms
  • Bufotenin – found on the skin of the Colorado River toad
  • Lysergic acid amide / LSA – found in psychedelic plants such as morning glory
  • Ketamine – a veterinary anesthetic
  • Dextrorphan – common key ingredient in cough medicine
  • Nitrous Oxide – a sedative for surgery also known as “laughing gas”

While psychedelics have potential uses for treating mental illness and other conditions, abuse is always wrong. Speak to a doctor or specialist if you find yourself hooked on psychedelics and how you can stop with or without medical treatment. You can also

Text 0917-509-8826 or Call 622-0193

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