Change for Good: Unveiling The 10 Secrets to Achieve Any Goal

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Whether it is to start saving for that new house, lose weight, get that promotion, have that dream vacation or quit a bad habit, we all have goals. Simple or extravagant, these goals are the things that we want and need to make our lives more enjoyable and worthwhile.


However, not everyone of us can achieve our goals. Those who can are focused and determined, while some of us are not. Those who are top achievers know and understand how to set and reach their goals.

Here are the secrets of the top achievers that you can use on yourself so you can reach your own goals:

1. SPECIFIC. You have to be precise and accurate about what goals you want to achieve.

2. SIMPLE. While you need to be specific, don’t overwhelm yourself with multiple goals at a time. Compartmentalize and simplify them to be easily more manageable.

3. SIGNIFICANT. Your goal must be worthwhile and will give you a reason to look forward and get up in the morning so you will be even more motivated.

4. STRATEGIC. You have to have a goal that will strategically impact many aspects of your life so that you have more reason to achieve them.

5. MEASURABLE. It should be something that you can measure so that you can know your progress overtime.

6. RATIONAL. Unless your goal makes sense to you and to other people, it will only be a pipe dream. Set goals that you can and WILL actually achieve.

7. TANGIBLE. Be concrete about your goals. Things such as “peace of mind” and “financial stability” can be vague and relative to your mood at the time so you need to have a goal that you can easily visualize.

8. WRITTEN. Those who write down their goals have a better chance of achieving them. Writing them down can also serve as reminders for you from day to day.

9. SHARED. You will more likely stick to your plan and goal once you have shared it with someone, such as a trusted family member or a close friend. Avoid sharing your goals with doubters or with anyone who will just bring you down. This is no time to be demotivated.

10. IN LINE WITH YOUR VALUES. Your goal must not conflict with what you believe in and in how you behave. Clarify your values, set your goals, and make your behavior in line with them.

You can also use these goal-setting tips as you recover from your substance or behavioral addictions. Setting recovery goals is important so you will be in touch with what you have learned in recovery and you will not stray from them.

If you are struggling with addiction and would want to find a way to be free and on the road to recovery, keep in mind these tips for achieving any goal. You can also talk to our counselors to help you out if you need professional treatment. All communications are confidential.

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