Want to Try? Here’s How Drugs Can Affect Your Life

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Media has long glamorized addiction. Shopping, alcoholism, even drug used seem to sparkle and shine when it’s scripted and in front of the camera. But as many who know first-hand the crushing consequences of addiction, all the glamour is gone when faced with the reality of this so-called disease.

Drugs affects your brain–and your life

Addiction can affect many areas of your life that often, you will have no idea what hit you until you hit your bottom. Drugs, alcohol, and behavioral addiction can dramatically take over your life, and for some, this grip starts right after their first try. Sure, using can feel so good and you may find yourself being in company of people who are just so “fun” to be around. But that’s not all there is to it.

So before you become allured by the carefree looks and rock-and-roll lifestyle of the “addicts” and “junkies” you see in the tube or the big screen, think about how drugs can affect your life in many ways that all turn out negatively.


  • You may be spending money on drugs, alcohol, or casinos; money that you could have spent on other things
  • You may lose your job or have low performance at school or work, jeopardizing your future and career
  • You may get involved in illegal acts just so you can obtain money to support your addiction
  • You may be buried in debts


  • You may be involved in criminal acts such as theft, drug dealing, robbery, assault, driving under the influence, or prostitution, due to your drug or alcohol use
  • You may be charged with drug or alcohol-related crimes
  • You may face jail time and a lot of inconvenience due to your involvement in legal troubles

School or Work

  • You may become tardy in school or work
  • You may cut classes just so you can give way to your cravings
  • You may get expelled or terminated because of your compulsions, indiscretions, and behavior
  • You may come to work or to school while under the influence and causing you further trouble

Physical Health

  • You may experience blackouts, hallucinations, seizures, paranoia, shakes, nausea, and vomiting
  • You may even over-dose
  • You may hurt yourself as you put yourself in dangerous situations while under the influence
  • You may contract infectious diseases
  • You may become sick or even severely ill


  • You may lose the trust and confidence of your family
  • You may start fighting with your family members
  • You may lose members of your family or loved ones
  • You may become separated from your spouse or partner
  • You may physically and emotionally hurt and even traumatize your loved ones
  • You may  become very moody, irritable, and violent
  • You may make people around you feel miserable, worried, scared, embarrassed, and hurt

Friends and Social Life

  • You may lose interest in activities that you were once passionate about
  • You may lose your friends
  • You may start having strained and negative relationships with your friends
  • You may argue with other people
  • You may lose the trust of other people
  • Your whole schedule and social life may only revolve around your addiction

Emotional and Spiritual Health

  • You may feel embarrassed about your habits and addiction
  • You may feel down or depressed
  • You may experience sudden irritability and mood swings
  • You may become secretive towards the people close to you
  • You may feel like your life is not going anywhere, or you may feel like what you’re doing is just normal
  • You may feel disconnected from other people and from your environment
  • You may try to hurt yourself
  • You may try to hurt other people
  • You may think that your life ceased to have meaning or purpose

Addiction can have many negative consequences that doesn’t just affect you, but also the people around you, especially your family and loved ones. So if you feel like your drug use, drinking, gambling, or other behavior is becoming a problem to you and to others, you may consider getting help.

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