Happy Hallowclean: Did You Have a Sober Halloween?

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Halloween season is one of those occasions when many people take off their inhibitions in exchange for masks and costumes. Halloween parties are filled not only with candies but also, for grownups, booze. And often, some end up taking more than alcohol.

Sober Halloween Challenge from Pinterest

If you are in recovery, you may find yourself ill-at-ease or even avoiding Halloween parties, one of the most famous drinking holidays all over the world in addition to New Year’s Eve and birthdays. Trying to be sober amidst the alcohol (and drug) -filled merriment of the crowd can be hard at first, but when you get the hang of it, you will find yourself having fun even without drugs or alcohol.

Below we give you some fun and spooky ways to enjoy your Halloween sober–and therefore make it Hallowclean.

1. Attend your 12-Step group or support group instead and organize your own costume party.

2. Have a scary movie night at home with your friends in recovery.

3. Go to haunted houses or haunted-themed amusement parks.

4. Decorate your home for trick or treating kids.

5. Have a staycation with family.

6. Go on a Halloween holiday vacation on a beach or a private island.

7. Host your own Hallowclean party.

8. Create a fun Halloween dance mix and have a dance (or workout) party.

9. Create your own jack o’ lantern by carving your own pumpkin.

10. Watch Halloween-themed makeup tutorials and do them at home. Don’t forget to take a selfie.

11. Offer to create a costume for a neighbor or relative’s kid.

12. Grab your camera and flashlight and go on a ghost hunt.

13. Have a night of scary storytelling, preferably in the woods with friends.

14. Host your own costume party and contest (for adults or for kids).

15. Do the Sober Halloween challenge on Pinterest.

Happy Halloween!

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