10 Drug Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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Peel back the layers of society anywhere in the world and you’ll find a deep, dark, and disturbing culture of illegal drug abuse. But hey, this isn’t new. Illegal drugs is widespread. In fact, it is a $400-billion-a-year global industry that involves its production, trafficking, and sales. Google about illegal drugs or narcotics long enough and you may even find some who sell different kinds (and guises) of it online.


Still, there may be some facts about drugs you may not know about. Maybe all you know is how dangerous illicit drugs are when abused. So read up on these 10 things about drugs you probably don’t know about:

  1. The most commonly used drug…

…is alcohol. The most abused drug is actually a legal substance. Still, it is one of the most destructive and highly addictive drugs.

2. What drug kills more than illegal drugs?

Though there are a lot of horror stories related to cocaine, heroin, crystal meth and marijuana, they are not the deadliest. Actually, prescription drugs kill more than any other drugs due to overdose.

3. Heroin used to be legal.

In 1898, pneumonia and tuberculosis were prevalent and have killed many. As a solution, Bayer came out with a new drug, heroin, and marketed it as a cough suppressant and as a non-addictive alternative for morphine. Heroin was the perfect answer for cough then as it has sedative and painkilling effects that greatly help those who were suffering from TB and pneumonia. That is, until people started becoming addicted to it, causing it to be widely outlawed until today.

4.  Animals do it too. 

Yes, they did drugs too. Pet owners who give their pets a sip of beer end up liking it and actually hungrily and eagerly lap on it. Often, they would look at their pet owners longingly as the humans drink beer. There are also other animals in the wild who have a liking towards mind-altering substances found in nature, such as wallabies in Australia who keep returning to poppy fields to get high.

5. Coca used to be widely used in medicine.

Long before coca leaves were used to make cocaine, they were used as herbal medicine throughout early history and in many parts of the globe.Coca leaves used to be used to suppress hunger and thirst, kill pain, relieve fatigue, and even serve as cure for altitude sickness when chewed.

6. Cannabis for tax.

In the 15th century all the way to the 17th century, the hemp derived from cannabis has been very important for the British who sailed to the United States. The hemp fibers were widely used for producing ropes and sails for the British fleet. Upon arriving to United States, it even decreed that all farmers grow cannabis, and from 1631 to early 1800s, cannabis was used as legal tender for paying taxes.

7. Mind-altering substances can be found right in your kitchen.

Check out your spice rack for nutmeg, because it’s been said to cause hallucinations and a certain kind of high. In the 1960s and 1970s, it was widely used as an alternative to alcohol and drugs. However, it’s been said to be used as a recreational drug as far back as the age of the Crusades.

8. A new flesh-eating drug exists. 

While meth can cause meth mites and deep scarring in heavy and long-term users, there’s a new drug that is far more horrific–Krokodil. A street drug that originated from Russia, it is a household recipe that serves as a substitute for heroin. It’s a mix of over-the-counter medicines, gasoline, cooking oil, lighter fluid, and even dishwashing liquid. Over time, the toxins in these chemicals cause the skin to rot, first starting out to look gray and scaly like the skin of a crocodile until it rots the tissue all the way to the bone.

9. Older junkies. 

If you think that drug use is a sickness of the youth, think again. There is a growing number of older people in their fifties and sixties who increasingly use drugs. These were believed to be part of the Flower Power generation, who, in their youth, participated in the 60s and 70s counterculture.

10. Blame the Japanese for meth.

Well, not really. Crystal meth was first synthesized in Japan in 1893. In 1919, a Japanese reduced its ephedrine content and became the meth that we know today. It is called shabu in Japan, as it is called now here in the Philippines.

When it comes to drug use, if you’re thinking about trying it out, it’s important to be equipped with knowledge about its effects and how it can affect your life. Is it really going to be worth it? If you think you already know all that there is to know, think again.

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