Treatment Programs

Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center aims to achieve positive results using proven, tested and specific program steps and procedures, which are most workable and successful based on our extensive experience in treating substance and alcohol dependency, gambling, and other addictions.

Our comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment program uses the Therapeutic Community Program methodology, which is based on the resident’s completion of established, results-oriented treatment goals, as opposed to a set of months in treatment. The amount of time it takes for each individual to complete the program varies with each resident. The program relatively runs for 12 months, wherein the residents are required to attend twice a week meetings and to transfer their learnings to new residents in order for them to graduate.

Aside from group activities and therapy, there will also be counseling, seminars, lectures, workshops, meetings inside and outside the facilities, regular exercises, sports and recreation, responsibility chores, and more. Residents also attend regular mass to reinforce spiritual growth, as well as receive family visits to help motivate them towards recovery.

Withdrawal from substances like drugs and alcohol is accomplished through proper nutrition, vitamin supplements, and clinical care from experienced staff, physicians and withdrawal specialists.

Detoxification is a step where the program removes the drug residues and other toxic substances from the body.

Our range of services and treatments are as follows:

  • Out-Patient Services
  • Psychological & Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Psychotherapy
  • Weekly Counseling Sessions
  • Weekly TC Seminars
  • Resident/ Family Healing Dialogues
  • Spiritual Enhancement Activities
  • Sports & Recreation Activities
  • Weekly Aftercare Support Groups
  • Monthly Therapy Sessions
  • Monthly Resident Progress Reports
  • 12 Steps Seminars

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