Coping with Addiction

Drug Abuse and Suicide: Watch Out for Red Flags

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For people whose lives and relationships have devastatingly run aground due to drugs and alcohol, there appears to be no other recourse–no hope–and the only respite is suicide. In fact, statistics would show that many drug addicts and dependents would attempt to commit suicide…and unfortunately, many ended up successful at it.


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Emotional Sobriety: Dealing with Negative Feelings Positively

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It’s been said that nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. It’s how you assume accountability, handle, and rise above those mistakes that matters most.  However, there will be people who struggle to even admit to themselves and face their mistakes. This is especially true to people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. They use these substances to mask not only their problems but their shortcomings, and then deny the problems as they get worse or become ignored.


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People Pleasing and Sobriety? Not a Good Mix

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Everyone likes a nice person. However, if you’re too focused on pleasing other people, then it can be a problem.

People pleasing can be a liability especially if you are in recovery. This attitude can hold you back from ever being sober and progressing in recovery, and you may less likely find the happiness that you deserve. So if you want to stay and progress in the road to recovery, you should concentrate on your priorities, instead of focusing on getting other people’s approval.


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Sober is Better: 20 Awesome Things You Can Do Without Drugs or Alcohol

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There are many, many activities available that are safer and more productive. Below are just 20 fun things you can do that are more awesome than getting drunk or high

These days, teens’ and young adults’ idea of fun would typically be about letting loose, drinking, partying, or even doing drugs. After all, even for grown ups, a lot of social activities involve intoxication. Though not as common as alcohol, many people from teens to young professionals, also resort to doing drugs as a form of recreation or to even augment the fun that they are experiencing.

You CAN get high without drugs

However, these ideas of fun, happy-hour weekends, and intoxicated weekend getaways do not come with a warning. Once entrenched in this lifestyle, it will not take too long before you become hooked. Soon, you will find yourself bringing booze at work, drinking every night, popping pills, smoking crack to get out of bed, or snorting cocaine many times during the day. Addiction can come and leave you blindsided; and once you’re in, it’s going to be hard to get out.

So before you even get started on that weekend binge drinking lifestyle or accept that invitation to try “this cool drug, it won’t get you addicted” why not try other alternatives? There are many, many activities available that are safer and more productive. Below are just 20 fun things you can do that are more awesome than getting drunk or high:

  1. Play sports. Find a sport that you life and get into a local sports program or even an amateur league. Whether these are team or individual sports–or even board games like chess–there will surely be something that you like. So get started.
  2. Start reading. Visit your local library or go to a bookstore. Find a book on a topic you’re interested in, whether it’s a biography of your favorite celebrity, a novel adapted by a movie you liked, or even a graphic novel.
  3. Get crafty and artsy. Visit a hobby shop or check out arts and crafts project on the internet and start a project. Once you’re done, get another one, and another one. Who knows, you may be so good at this you can start exhibiting or selling your work.
  4. Go to a gym. These days there are plenty of workouts and other activities at the gym that you may be interested in.
  5. Take classes. You can start doing yoga, belly dancing, Zumba, pole dancing, or many other activities that you’ll enjoy while still keeping fit.
  6. Take an online course. Spending a lot of time in front of the computer, why not do something more productive by taking affordable online courses? Or watch online tutorials for graphic design, makeups, animation, music, and so many more.
  7. Take an offline course. There are plenty of schools and training centers that offer vocational courses such as reflexology, baking, automotive, cosmetology, and many more. This is a great addition to your skill set.
  8. Have a picnic. Gather up a few friends and have a picnic or cookout in a park or picnic grove. You can even go to a wakepark and spend the day trying out some watersports.
  9. Visit a zoo, aquarium, amusement park or museum. There are plenty of these locations in the metro that are great for kids and adults alike.
  10. Volunteer. Join an organization and take part in non-profit and charitable activities. These not a great way to spend your free time, you will also feel good about helping others and learning from them.
  11. Get voice or music lessons. Learn a new instrument or start playing music. Even better–start a band and play with your local choir or in local venues.
  12. Learn a new language. French, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, or German. There are plenty of languages to learn and you can do this online or offline.
  13. Travel. Once you’ve learned the languages, why not travel to those places and try out what you’ve learned. If that’s not within your budget, then just travel out of town or go sightseeing right around your city.
  14. Listen to podcasts. Instead of burning your ears listening to rumors, why not listen to podcasts instead? You can learn so many things just by listening to a different set of podcasts regularly.
  15. Go to historical landmarks. Brush up on your history lessons by going on a guided or independent tour of historical landmarks around the country. You don’t even have to move out of town or travel a long way. You can start right in your own city.
  16. Have potlucks or dinners with friends. Instead of going out for expensive dinners or partying in clubs, why not have friends over and try out different recipes? You can even host a themed potluck and enjoy each other’s dishes.
  17. Join a book/film club. Hone your critical eye by joining a club and review a book or film with other people. Widen your interests in film and literature by trying our their recommendations or make recommendations yourself.
  18. Have movie nights or series marathong. Whether with your significant other or with your friends, spend weekend nights watching a particular film genre, director, or actor. Even dig up those Dawson’s Creek, Baywatch or Melrose Place episodes and go back in time.
  19. Start gardening. Whether you’re into flowers, herbs, vegetables or fruits, why not start your own garden in your background? This is a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy the excitement of harvesting the literal fruits of your labor.
  20. Get into DIY projects. Whether you’ve been wanting to have your roof fixed or your bedroom redecorated, why not try to do it yourself? It’s a great way to spend some idle time and you can also save a lot compared to having someone do the job for you.


We may have always thought that drinking alcohol or even doing drugs can help us relax after a hard day’s work. Some even party and take ecstasy or have that occasional/recreational hit or marijuana or cocaine. We may think that we deserve it, or that it’s just normal reaction to bad news, tiring days, busy weeks, or getting together with friends.

We don’t think about the negative effects these substances have on our bodies–or that there are in fact BETTER alternatives to these activities. The things above are just 20 of hundreds more activities that you can do to reward yourself, de-stress, cope with problems, or have fun with friends.

If you have been drinking or using drugs and are finding it hard to stop, try replacing your substance-related activities with the suggestions above. However, if you think or feel that you may have a substance use problem, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Dos and Don’ts of Loving Someone with a Substance Abuse Problem

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Loving someone who is struggling with alcoholism, excessive drinking, substance abuse, or any form of addiction can be hard to deal with. There are many other problems that come with this that may affect them–and you.

So if you  care for your significant other or family member, consider these things:


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Frequently Asked Questions About Addiction: Part 1

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No one plans on becoming addicted. Often, people start using drugs or alcohol as a result of curiosity, peer pressure, or the desire to unwind or have fun. Some people use to cope with problems or as a way to escape. However, at some point, their use crosses that line when it is going to be hard for them to turn back. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that they have a problem until the downward spiral has run its course.


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A Game of Hearts: The Addict’s Manipulative Behavior

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Living with an addict can be confusing, lonely, and frustrating. This is because addicts have learned to manipulate people like friends and family so that they can continue their lifestyle and habit. In fact, their manipulations skills can leave you in awe as they can turn the needs and wants of other people to their advantage, and no amount of reasoning can beat them.

Learning how addicts to this can help concerned family members and friends like you to stop being lured into the manipulation game and help get your loved one the help that they need.


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Testing For Addiction: Take These Tests to Find Out How Hooked You Are

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Addiction is like a thief in the night. It doesn’t choose its victim, and it comes without warning. Before you know it, you’re in the depths and you’re spiraling downwards with the debilitating effects of drug or alcohol addiction.

So how do you really know you, or your loved one, are addicted? A drug test can only tell you of recent drugs use, but the following tests can help give you more perspective, and seek necessary treatment:


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Drug Abuse VS Drug Addiction

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The terms ‘drug abuse’ and ‘drug addiction‘ are often interchanged. But unknown to many, these two are very different. Drug abuse refers to using drugs more than what is normal or acceptable, while drug addiction refers to a behavioral disorder in which the drug has taken the front seat of the person’s life to the point that it guides all his actions and decisions.


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The Economics of Addiction and Decision-Making

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Many addicts, whether in treatment or not, struggle with trying to stay sober or altogether quit their substance abuse. Meanwhile, many also do not know or understand what the whole deal is. This is because people who struggle with addiction have trouble with weighing things, setting goals, and rewarding achievements. This article tackles what goes into how addicts make decisions, and understanding this can make or break their sobriety.


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