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4 Simple Things You Should Know About Your Loved One’s Rehab

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Having someone dear to you, like a partner or a family member, who is in drug or alcohol rehab most often means that you’re facing a lot of struggles. These struggles are further exacerbated by questions, doubts, and misconceptions on how professional rehabilitation facilities work.

To help you gain some perspective and allay your fears, here are a few of the things you should know about drug and alcohol rehabilitation for your loved one.


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How to Choose the Right Rehab for Drug, Alcohol or Behavioral Addiction

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Having a loved one with a drug, alcohol or behavioral addiction problem can be a lot of stress and hardship. And the process of choosing the best rehabilitation facility for them can also be difficult. There are so many out there. And how would you know which one suits your loved one’s case the best?


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What is Therapeutic Community

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Those who from addiction, or have family members suffer from this disease, see rehabilitation as an option for sobriety and recovery. However, there is more to rehabilitation than what is seen–or even glamorized–in the movies. For us at Bridges of Hope, we treat addiction through a method called Therapeutic Community.

The TC Philosophy

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