Youth Addiction

Dangers of Inhalant Drugs

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“Nagrugby ka ‘no?!” This is often a joke we tell our friends when they say or do something ridiculous. This is because we associate Rugby, a brand of contact cement, to those we see addictively sniffing it in our streets.

We call these “Rugby Boys” because those who sniff Rugby are usually street children. While joking about sniffing rugby is part of Filipino culture, inhalant or rugby sniffing by our youth is no joke.

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6 Things That Will Make You Wish You Hadn’t Touched Drugs in Your Youth

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Oh, the years of our youth. Being so young, wild, and carefree. But unlike what we used to think then, youth ends. And reality comes biting back.

So if ¬†you had a wild, hella great time smoking weed, passing on those joints, dropping acid, popping those pills, and snorting…

Now think again.


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